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General Pension Plan

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A comfortable and secure retirement is what everyone strives for as we transition from the workforce into retirement. The General Pension Plan can assist you with these goals by offering a lifetime benefit with annual cost-of-living provisions.

As a participant, you contribute 2% of your gross pension earnings. In addition to your 2% contributions, the City of Chattanooga contributes a variable percentage of your earnings as needed to maintain the actuarial soundness of the pension plan. The City's contribution varies from year to year based upon the recommendations of the Plan's actuary and the General Pension Plan Board of Trustees. In retirement, you will receive so much more through your monthly benefit than what you actually contributed.

The Trustees of the General Pension Plan provide for the growth of your contributions and the City's contributions while maintaining fiscal integrity through investment in the stock market, the bond market, and alternative investments such as real estate and investments in other countries utilizing the talents of actuaries, financial consultants and asset managers. The combination of your contributions, the City's contributions, and effective management of those assets by the Board of Trustees can provide a lifetime of retirement benefits for you. So ENJOY - retirement provides a new and exciting adventure.

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