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Center Rental Information

Center Rental Information











There are many facilities that can be reserved for special events, parties, and community gatherings in our Youth and Family Development  Centers. 


 Rental Policy for Community Centers:

 Centers may be used for the following purposes: Functions for teens may require additional security. These functions will be by  invitation only. Birthday Parties, Bridal and Baby Showers,Weddings and Receptions, Anniversary Parties, Family Reunions. Rentals start at  $20 an hour during business hours and $25 an hour after business hours. A minimum requirement of two hours is needed  for each rental.

 *Activities sponsored by other governmental agencies, Neighborhood Association meetings, Community Information  Meetings held by Federal, State or Local Public officials, and Civic and Community Groups will NOT be charged rental  fees.* 


Request for fund raising events will be granted only to nonprofit groups and only before or after regular operating hours. (Nonprofit status is defined as any group holding a 501 (c) (3) tax exemption by the Internal Revenue Services of the Federal Government.)   Proof of tax exemption must be shown.

Centers may not be used for the following purposes:

  • Commercial organizations and/or individuals seeking to make a profit or sell merchandise for personal gain.
  • Religious services or political rallies unless approved by the Recreation Division's Supervisor. In the event of political rallies,
    proof that all candidates were invited to participate must be demonstrated.
  • Gambling or other illegal activities.
  • Activities that would provide or permit the use of alcohol or drugs.
  • Activities that might endanger the lives and safety of others or damage facility.
  • Activities or events that are deemed detrimental to the overall good of the community.

All center rentals require the City's Building Usage Agreement to reserve an individual's or a group's reservations. This document is issued by the  center facility manager at the facility location.  Additional forms can be obtained at the Recreation Division Office at 501 West 12th Street, Chattanooga, TN 37402. 

Depending on requested use, the fee of $20.00 per hour is charged for facility use during the operating hours of the center (based on space availability) and a fee of $25.00 per hour is charged for center rental during non-operating hours. Note: Any part of another hour constitutes an additional hour of usage. The rental for the gymnasium is $40.00 per hour. The use of the multipurpose rooms and gymnasium have a two hour minimum.  Athletic fields can be rented from $20.00 - $50.00 per hour. PLEASE NOTE MEETING HELD BY FEDERAL, STATE or LOCAL Public Officials, Civic, Community and Neighborhood Association groups will not be charged. 

All reservations requiring the application process will also require the signing of a hold harmless waiver agreement by the
reserving party.

Written permission must be sought at least two weeks in advance from the recreation facility's manager and is subject to
final approval by the Director of Recreation.

Recreation employees must be on duty during the use of facility.

Set-up and clean-up is to be included in requested reservation time. Clean-up is the responsibility of the reserving party and includes:

Removal of all decorations.

Collecting and placement of all trash to designated area.

Set up and break down of tables and chairs are also the responsibility of the reserving party. There will be a $50.00 additional charge for the City to do this.

No drugs, alcoholic beverages or weapons are allowed on City property.

If security is deemed necessary by the City of Chattanooga For an event, it is the responsibility of the user to have off-duty police officers, assigned at the users expense. Names of the police officers are to be provided one week in advance of the event. Event will be canceled or delayed if security is not in place at the start of the event.

Groups reserving outdoor areas may be required to provide portable toilets, security, and or dumpsters at their expense.

The City of Chattanooga will provide NO equipment for a reservation other than that which is available at the facility.  Any additional equipment must be provided by the organization or individual reserving the space.  Reserving party is responsible for microphones, sound equipment, stages/platforms, etc. Rental companies are suggested for any additional equipment needed.

Extended Reservations: The Center's facility is intended to be made available to many different groups and users, continuous use by an organization limits this opportunity for others. Reservation requests for more than a one-time use must be submitted to the Recreation Division Supervisor.  A letter may be required explaining more fully the request. Extended reservation may be approved by the Recreation Division Supervisor for a three-month period only. On a continuous use agreement the city reserves the right to postpone any schedule in order to adhere to the balance and fairness to other citizen request for use. Individuals/groups may reapply the next working day after their last reservation.

Payment:  All fees must be paid by check or money order made payable to "City of Chattanooga".

Cancellations: The City of Chattanooga retains the right to terminate this agreement in its entirety, at any time, or date that is deemed necessary or desirable to do so. If the City partially terminates this agreement, user shall be entitled to a pro-rata refund in an amount to be determined by the City of Chattanooga at its sole discretion. If the user cancels a reservation 30 days or more prior to the scheduled event, the users shall be entitled to receive a full refund of all fees and/or deposit paid. If the user cancels a reservation less than 30 days prior to the scheduled event, the user shall not be granted any refund of any fees or deposit paid hereunder.

Lost or damaged items: The City of Chattanooga is not responsible for any lost or damaged items or injury related to any rental or reservation on the City of Chattanooga premises. The applicant agrees to hereby expressly release, and hold harmless, the City of Chattanooga from all claims for such loss, damages, or injury whatsoever as may be sustained or claimed by any person using the facilities during such rentals.

recreation@chattanooga.gov (423-643-6081)

501 W. 12th St.
Chattanooga, TN 37402 (map)

Lurone "Coach" Jennings


Yolanda Johnson
Executive Assistant
Email: yjohnson@chattanooga.gov
(423) 643-6402
(423) 643-6437 (fax)


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