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Transportation Project Updates

Lake Resort Drive

After reports of unusual roadway settlement and separation, CDOT closed Lake Resort Dr. from the roundabout at Hwy. 153 to Lake Resort Terrace on 23 February 2019. The rain events which caused damage to Lake Resort Drive and other roadways throughout our community and state were declared a federal disaster event, which means Chattanooga may be eligible for federal financial assistance in the repair of these areas. Earlier this summer, using local funding and a local contractor, CDOT installed a temporary patch to the site of the slide area on Lake Resort Drive and was able to fully reopen the road. This temporary patch has enabled restoration of two-way traffic through this site, but is not considered a permanent repair. The City is continuing to pursue federal funding through the Federal Highway Administration Emergency Relief Program (FHWA-ER), with which we intend to perform a more robust repair, referred to as “betterment” of the site by FHWA, which would permanently stabilize the roadway. CDOT continues to work through the submission and review process with TDOT and FHWA for betterment work at the site. If and when our state and federal partners approve the analysis and permanent repair method for this location, CDOT will pursue with expedience the remaining steps that are required to utilize federal funds for the permanent repair. We anticipate ten months for completion of those steps from the moment that we receive approvals from our state and federal partners before we would be ready to begin construction on the permanent repair.

See below for details of actions that have been taken and a timeline for repairs to Lake Resort Dr. Schedule is subject to change.

Notification of slope failure: 23 February 2019 City staff monitoring of site: 23 February 2019 and ongoingInitiation of emergency contract: 06 March 2019CDOT engaged the services of the consulting engineering company Geosyntec Consultants, Inc. to assist with the development of a permanent repair of the roadway.

Lab analysis of samples and field data analysis: April 2019 Preliminary design development: April - May 2019 Geosyntec prepared three recommended options for repair, including the general cost estimate for each option.

Detailed design development: May - July 2019 Geosyntec prepared all design calculations and construction documents for the selected repair

Meeting with FHWA and TDOT regarding next steps related to federal funding: October 30th, 2019.

Following the meeting on October 30th, 2019, FHWA and TDOT reviewed the project history and documentation to make a determination on how the city should move forward towards a solution.

On Monday, June 8th, 2020, the Chattanooga Department of Transportation (CDOT) will begin the installation of a temporary patch to the site of the slide area on Lake Resort Drive that, once complete, will restore two lanes of traffic through the project area.

For those drivers who rely most on Lake Resort Drive for access to their homes on Big Ridge, we apologize for the inconvenience that the limited one-lane is currently causing. It is important to continue to monitor the shifting of the downhill lane because the settling that is occurring on this lane was not permanently resolved by the major repairs that were made in late 2014. It is necessary for the CDOT team, as well as the consultant, to be able to monitor the change so that we can completely and accurately diagnose the geotechnical issues and develop the appropriate engineering solution. CDOT endeavors to permanently resolve the issues associated with subsurface failures.

The federal government recently declared the storms of February to be a national disaster, which allows federal assistance to help with repairs for several streets, other slope repairs, and other aspects of flood damage. The City’s first priority is to assure the safety and long-term resiliency of our street network. To that end, in addition to ongoing engineering work by our consultant, CDOT staff continue to conduct regular site inspections, take measurements, and monitor survey data of the site to ensure that the existing conditions are safe and the roadway can continue to be used in its limited capacity.


Shepherd Road

The Chattanooga Department of Transportation has completed the upgrades to Shepherd Road from Airport Connector Road to Shaw Avenue. These upgrades include traffic calming narrowed lanes, bicycle lanes, curb and gutters, pedestrian ways and sidewalks, and landscape improvements. The new roadway now consists of (2) 10’ travel lanes in each direction with a 10’ two-way center turn lane.

This project on Shepherd Road improves the existing connection to the Chattanooga Airport and creates a high quality public space asset to the surrounding community.

Construction was completed in September 2020 and the trees will be planted in the fall of 2020 due to weather requirements.

W 26th Street

The Chattanooga Department of Transportation will be upgrading W 26th Street, from Market Street to Broad Street, to fulfill the recommendations of the community supported South Broad Redevelopment Plan.

The upgrades along W 26th Street will include an 11' shared-use sidewalk along the northern section of the street and a 6’ wide sidewalk along the southern section, ornamental pedestrian lights, street trees, and other enhancements for pedestrian safety. It also consists of the installation of underground utilities, which is currently underway. Currently work is continuing on this project and we anticipate the utility relocation to be completed by the end of March. Construction of the planned upgrades will then commence in April.

Through this project W 26th St will become a high quality public space improving the connection of Howard School to one of Chattanooga’s most beloved public spaces, the Riverpark. Construction is expected to take approximately 6 months, weather permitting. 


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