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Heritage House

HeritageHouseExtWelcome to Heritage House

Heritage House is an Arts and Civic Center located in Heritage Park. Once the estate of the Henshell Family, the park and house have been transformed for the community's benefit. Festivals and other public events occur throughout the year. These include Hub Fest, Photo Fest, CHEO Healthwise Seminar, East Brainerd Marketplace, Sweet Diversity, Bark in the Park, East Brainerd Public Safety Seminar, Nights of Heritage, Ambi Artists and other events. Heritage House may also be rented for private events and meetings. For more information call 423) 855-9474.

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Rental Information

HeritageRentalOur beautiful setting and newly finished interior make Heritage House an ideal venue for both formal and informal gatherings. 

Rental Non City of Chattanooga Residents

$70.00 per hour * $700.00 Per Day Rental ( a 12 hour block, rented consecutively on the same day)

Residents of the City of Chattanooga receive discounted rates.

$60.00 per hour * $600.00 Per Day Rental ( a 12 hour block, rented consecutively on the same day)

Damage Deposit (refundable)

$150.00 Damage deposits are due at the same time as the rental fees

*Minimum Rental Requirements / rental time blocks available

A 4 hour minimum rental is required for all rentals occurring on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and for any rentals which occur in whole or part after 6pm Monday through Thursday. Please contact our office for available hour blocks and a detailed copy of the contract.

We require a minimum of one hour between rentals.


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Calling All Ambi Artists

First Thursday of every month, 6:00-8:30 pm
Ambi Artists are people who want to be more creative. The Ambi Artist group brings together people who create in any medium: writing, painting, sculpting, ceramics, photography, music, film, design, fabric, etc. The group dynamic is based on Julia Cameron's book series The Artist's Way and its creative clusters. Ambi Artist gatherings are fluid, intentionally unstructured events where creative people get together to meet and interact with each other. This open interaction sparks creative inspiration, collaboration, empathy and more to light the creative fires.

Free Concert every second Tuesday evening. Presented in collaboration with the Chattanooga Songwriters Association, the concert series features a variety of music styles and genres presented in a relaxed and intimate setting. The performers present original works and discuss the creative processes. Doors open at 6:30pm for "connect time" and the music begins at 7:00pm. For this month's line up visit our Facebook page.

The Backlot: A Place for Film is an open house for all film groups and anyone interested in any aspect of film & video. On the third Monday of every month The Backlot provides a "space" for groups to meet and network with each other as well as have casting calls, script readings, screenings, professional speakers and workshops etc. The backlot also provides individual film makers and student film makers not associated with any groups the ability to do the same. We have breakout rooms available which provide space for all of the activities mentioned above. For example, in a typical evening multiple meetings, screenings and casting calls may be happening at the same time as well as a general meet and greet. The line-up for any particular night depends on who needs to do what and who is attending. That's why it's called The Backlot and it's available to everybody. For this month's line-up visit our Facebook and click on events. Doors open at 6:30pm

FREE Heritage Film Noir series Every Third Thursday . Thirteen classic Film Noir screenings in twelve months. Screenings are at 2:00pm and 7:00pm and star Orson Welles, Ida Lupino, Jack Palance, Frank Sinatra, Barbara Stanwyck, Edgar G Robinson and are directed by such greats as Frank Capra , Orson Welles , Ida Lupino, Edgar G Ulmer and Elia Kazan. For a calendar of our films please visit us on Facebook and click on the "notes" tab.

Heritage House

Chris Holley, Director
Located in Heritage Park
1428 Jenkins Road
Chattanooga, TN 37421(map)
(423) 855-9474 phone

recreation@chattanooga.gov (423-643-6081)

501 W. 12th St.
Chattanooga, TN 37402 (map)

Lurone "Coach" Jennings


Yolanda Johnson
Executive Assistant
Email: yjohnson@chattanooga.gov
(423) 643-6402
(423) 643-6437 (fax)


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Photo by Billy Weeks