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Finance Division

FinancePHpageThe Finance Division consists of Finance Operations and the Office of Management & Budget Analysis.  Functions include the following:

  • Maintain healthy operating fund balances through conservative financial management
  • Assess all available resources in preparation of annual budgets to meet operating and capital requirements
  • Assist the Mayor and Council to develop a financial strategy to ensure long term sustainability
  • Prepare financial accounting and management reports for City departments
  • Develop policies and procedures that ensure compliance and safeguard of city assets
  • Maintain excellence in budgeting and financial reporting by adherence to high standards established by the Government Finance Officers Association of the U.S and Canada
  • Prudent management of City assets
  • Maintain high bond ratings

    • Fitch Inc.                                 AA+
    • Standard & Poor's                  AAA


  • City of Chattanooga - Refunding Report $19,355,000.pdf

Finance and Administration
101 East 11th Street Suite 101
Chattanooga, TN 37402(map)

Daisy W. Madison, CPA, CGFM
Administrator/City Finance Officer
Email: madison_d@chattanooga.gov
(423) 643-7360
(423) 643-7399 (fax)

Vickie Haley, CPA, CGFM
Deputy Administrator

Email: haley_vickie@chattanooga.gov
(423) 643-7370

Finance Operations and Management & Budget Analysis Office

Brian Smart, CPA, CGFM
Operations Manager

E-mail: smart@chattanooga.gov
(423) 643-7390

Fredia F. Kitchen, CPA, CGFM
Director of Management & Budget Analysis

E-mail: kitchen_fredia@chattanooga.gov
(423) 643-7380

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