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Container Audit 2020

For information on the city-wide container audit, please click on the links below.

Container Audit Press Release

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Letter to City Resident

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City of Chattanooga To Continue Cart Audit Next Week

The Chattanooga Department of Public Works is continuing an audit of garbage and recycling carts in January as part of an effort to responsibly manage city assets and plan for public services.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (December 31, 2020) -- Chattanooga’s Department of Public Works is pleased to announce that it will continue the second phase of the city-wide effort to audit garbage and recycling carts on Monday, January 4, 2021. The audit is being conducted to update the city’s inventory of garbage and recycling carts to gather information about the carts assigned to each property.

The audit, which will be performed by contractor Wastequip/Toter, is being funded as part of a grant that the City received from The Recycling Partnership, a national non-profit organization that leverages corporate funding to help cities and states transform their recycling programs and grow recycling in the United States.

As they did in July of this year, the audit team will canvas every Chattanooga neighborhood to gather information from the carts such as the serial number, location, and quantity of carts present at each property in the city. The information gathered about recycling carts will help the city plan for an upcoming expansion of our curbside recycling services.

Audit teams will not be coming onto porches or patios, going through any doors or gates, or behind fences. As such, carts will need to be accessible by team members so they can easily gather the required information. Please see the attached graphic to serve as an example of how containers should be placed.

Additionally, audit team members will have proper personal protective equipment (PPE), they will wear reflective safety-gear and will have accompanying documentation identifying them as working on behalf of the city.

Because the audit teams will follow recycle collection routes, the City requests that, for the months of January and February, all residents leave both their garbage and recycling carts visible from the curb until evening on their normal recycle collection day. This will help ensure that the audit teams can work efficiently and that the City can get an accurate assessment.

It is anticipated that the audit will last between six and eight weeks and should conclude by the end of February 2021. However, please note that several passes may need to be done to ensure we have gathered all the necessary information.

To learn more about the audit visit